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UN Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hunger | by Miigle+ | Medium
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I was working on a school project on the Goals of the United Nations. One Goal which made me think was “ZERO HUNGER”. It talked about the plight of farmers. It also reminded me of the visit of my dad’s friend from the village. His kids wanted to see the city and also had a desire to have Pizza. We decided to dine at a famous pizza joint and were browsing through the menu. My uncle, who is also a farmer was staring continuously at the prices with saddened eyes.  Observing him I enquired what was wrong. With his gaze still on the menu he said that what we were paying for these pizzas is a month’s income of a farmer. Ironically, Farmer is the one who has grown all that makes this Pizza. His smile was failing in the attempt of hiding his dismay. I pondered on this for a while and decided to write about this in relation to “ZERO HUNGER”…..….

I saw something while sipping my tea,

When I was relaxing in the balcony

A wrinkled face walking with stride,

Somewhere I thought has lost his pride

With broad shoulders and strong hands

I think he is a farmer who tills his lands

He walked to the bakery for a loaf of bread

But stood still when he saw the price ahead

Hiding from everyone he counts his money

And then seems to wonder how unfair life could be

With a helpless shrug he steps back with a loud sigh

what he had grown, he himself can’t buy

The wrinkled face reminded me, of that old lady on the street

Selling vegetables for living, In freezing cold or scorching heat

And yet we all bargain with her, For the smallest of amount

But spending thousands at fancy malls, Where it doesn’t seem to count

This made me think of several news I heard,

Of these feeding hands whom we just ignored

Its time for us to Ponder, time to come together

And embrace these crusaders, fighting for zero hunger

6 thoughts on “Stoem#4 : CRUSADERS OF HUNGER

  1. Hi Pranjali,

    I don’t have words to express the joy your stoems bring to me. “Crusaders of Hunger” is again so beautifully written. It’s difficult for me to decide whether the story touched me more or the poem. You’ve apty termed it as stoem and I too see the story and poem as one unit and not two. I so look forward to your work.


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  2. Hello. We are Rose and George, Carrie’s parents. Your poem is great. In our humble opinion, Great poetry as great art comes from the Universal Source (GOD ), We think of all the great songs we have heard in our lifetime. We imagine we are as old as your granddad. One example is the song ” He’s got the Whole World in His Hands ” If you can find a fellow named Charlie Freak on utube he can explain thus better than me. The weight by The Band is a great song. Who road in to Nazareth? Peace and love to you!!!!

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