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STOEM#9- The Times

On a lazy and boring pandemic afternoon, I smiled for a change when I opened my phone to one of those “this day that year” notification. A set of pictures of one of our family trip brought all those memories back. I asked dad, “Can we watch all these pictures?” on the laptop, and he said, “Even better, lets watch them all together”! A video call was set up, and the whole group sat together recalling all those wonderful moments. We laughed, teased, clapped and argued on the different versions of the same story. Afternoon soon got merged with night and we were still not even half way done. This left me wondering about this creation called Pictures, on which I wrote this stoem….

Times when you laughed as if you don’t care

when you needed someone and they were there

Times when you tried out something new

That dish you cooked, or that sketch you drew

Times when your day wasn’t really good

But you smiled at the camera like anybody would

Times when you were just with your family

Those weddings, birthdays and anniversary

Times you just hit the road to places unknown

those crazy memories that are your own

moments you captured so they could be cherished

re-watched, rewinded and relived,

telling you to smile, Its time to have fun

so stop, take a break, make another one

choose your moments and make them freeze all you need to do is smile and say cheese!