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Stoem#12- Behind Each Face is a Story….

Apart from the obvious positives and advantages of being a head girl, there are a few unsaid joys. And that is, even if not in talking terms, you get to know a lot of people. One of the first duties I was given as a Head Girl (which I recently became…wohoo!), was to stand each morning at the gate and check if people were dressed appropriately and tidily. However, each morning I find myself guilty of not doing this duty very well, since I’m busy seeing not the uniforms, but the faces. But this distraction is not one I regret, since it led to the writing of this Stoem.

Behind each face is a story,

and stories are what I collect,

every morning at the school gate,

there are a few faces, I select

Few who come with drowsy eyes

Monday blues have hit too deep

reluctance in each step they take

they would much rather be asleep

then come two ponies toddling about

A face with a grin from ear to ear

school bag half her size, no burden

she seems simply glad to be here.

I hear sniffles in the corner

Bursting into a doleful cry

Tiny arms tightly hugging his mother

Struggling to say good bye.

Arm in Arm come the two amigos

with endless supply of jokes and gossips

The day ahead might be tiring and hard,

they’ll stride through the highs and dips

standing out amongst the uniforms

Comes one in her birthday dress

With sweets and cupcakes for all

In turn treated like a princess

Nose deep into a book

Trying to remember all the text

Last minute research for a project

Or perhaps a forgotten test

There’s cheery greetings,

and contagious smiles

There’s Yawns, Frowns

Jaded days once in a while

The world around is full of mimes

So, go ahead and pick a few

You will discover, in different ways

They all reflect a bit of you…

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STOEM#11 Happiness Doesn’t Cost Anyway:)

One evening I decided I should go for a walk, since the wind outside would be a relief from the heat. So, I grabbed my Bluetooth earphones and my phone and went downstairs. And just as I was entering the walking path, my earphone hit me with a “low battery” message. I was annoyed, thinking of how its going to be so boring now. And I noticed my maids two kids, playing with a plastic bottle. They were giggling loudly. And I was suddenly glad my earphones were discharged, because that giggle had intrigued me to write a new stoem..

He may not have a house so big

Nothing special to brag about

May not know what lies ahead

His future may be full of doubt

May not always get full meals

wonders why his parents are always away

And yet he giggles every now and then,

Cause happiness doesn’t cost anyway

She may not have the prettiest of dresses

Or the glitters that other girls wear

Other girls get what they want

While she always has to share.

But if she feels pretty in her heart

She doesn’t care what they say

And so, she giggles every now and then,

Cause happiness doesn’t cost anyway.

no fans to keep the heat outside

a shaky roof above their head

a flickering candle on one side

and an equally shaky bed

yet they just shrug and go with the flow,                                                                    

have learned the art to smile through pain

 hurdles will always come and go, 

but happiness always remain the same.

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We were watching a cricket match one Sunday evening. The toss was going on, both the Captains eagerly waiting for the result. Watching from home sitting on my sofa, I remember cheering loudly when the team I was supporting won the toss. Looking at me my father smiled and said, “think about it… the same thing you saw and cheered was seen by someone else supporting the other team. And while you are so happy, they must be upset”. Thinking about this, I realised how it applies to so many situations in our life, whether the result is based on luck or decision. And this thought is what I have written this stoem on…

The coin flips and heart says,

“will it be heads or tails?”

Every time one of them wins

The other one fails…

Whether it’s a game of chance

Or it’s a choice you had

With a change in circumstance

Even the good becomes bad

Because after all what matters

Is your point of view

What looks like 6 to me

Might be 9 to you

In this world we live,

There is no right or wrong

There’s only your truth and my truth

And they rarely get along

So the best thing to do

Is to let that coin toss

Sometimes gain a win

Sometimes accept a loss…

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STOEM#9- The Times

On a lazy and boring pandemic afternoon, I smiled for a change when I opened my phone to one of those “this day that year” notification. A set of pictures of one of our family trip brought all those memories back. I asked dad, “Can we watch all these pictures?” on the laptop, and he said, “Even better, lets watch them all together”! A video call was set up, and the whole group sat together recalling all those wonderful moments. We laughed, teased, clapped and argued on the different versions of the same story. Afternoon soon got merged with night and we were still not even half way done. This left me wondering about this creation called Pictures, on which I wrote this stoem….

Times when you laughed as if you don’t care

when you needed someone and they were there

Times when you tried out something new

That dish you cooked, or that sketch you drew

Times when your day wasn’t really good

But you smiled at the camera like anybody would

Times when you were just with your family

Those weddings, birthdays and anniversary

Times you just hit the road to places unknown

those crazy memories that are your own

moments you captured so they could be cherished

re-watched, rewinded and relived,

telling you to smile, Its time to have fun

so stop, take a break, make another one

choose your moments and make them freeze all you need to do is smile and say cheese!

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During the vacation of my 1st standard, we visited a resort named Rann Riders in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Our stay was in a wooden cottage with greenery all around. I woke up to find a beautiful butterfly fluttering across my room. I really enjoyed that moment and wanted to catch it as it made me happy. But it flew away and I had tears in my eyes. Seeing me like this my dad said,” Pranjali, good moments are supposed to be observed and enjoyed while you have them, but you can not keep them forever”. He told me an experience which inspired the Stoem below: –

I was sitting on the bench in my favourite place to be,

With nature all around I felt enlightened and free.

That’s when a butterfly came and sat on my palm,

It wasn’t afraid, it was peaceful and calm.

I melted in its colours, I saw perfect symmetry,

Something in me lightened up and filled me with glee.

But as quickly as it had come, it just flew away,

Which made me quite upset, I had so much more to say.

The next day I went to that same place again,

and came the butterfly as if to explain.

My mind full of greed, made me close my hand,

when I opened it, no longer it could stand.

I realized, good moments, like that butterfly, come and go,

You can’t keep them forever, you can’t break the flow.

But always remember when you are letting go of one,

There are many more good moments waiting to come.

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There are some days where nothing seems to go the way you want it to, isn’t it? I was having one such bad day. I lost an extremely easy table tennis match. Being in a bad mood, I ended up having a fight with my best friend. Back on the way from school, my uniform got torn while getting into my school bus. While getting down at my stop, I thought that I am very bad at table tennis, a horrible friend and a careless person, good for nothing. That’s when I saw something. Something that really changed the way I think. And I decided to write a stoem on it…

Getting off the bus, crossing the street,

A lovely sight made me stop at my feet.

A tender little plant, starting to sprout,

About to know the world, peeping out.

Growing out of a crack, yet leaves so green

And just besides it a cut tree could be seen.

I tried to guess in what, thought it will be,

It might be thinking someday, this will happen to me.

Looking at this, it troubled my head,

If It knows it may happen, does it want to live ahead?

Then it occurred to me, maybe even though it could die,

It had a stubborn mind made up, to give its life a try.

With a wave of guilt in me,

all I could do was stand and see.

With a heavy heart I started on my way,

But turned back as I still, had a goodbye to say.

And I saw a little boy, poor and thin,

Watering that plant, from a little box of tin.

I was glad to know that tiny plant, also has a friend,

Hope is always there with you, when you feel it’s the end.

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This poem is about the longest personal experience I could have had. Its about a whole year; 2020. This year brought so many things I was never expecting, and the fact that this wasn’t only being experienced by me but everyone around the world, makes it a shared experience. This year is soon about to end and I have to say, it had its dark side and bright side. To me, this year taught me the value of the NORMAL.

When we have a certain way that life goes,

when we have a routine we follow,

While we may think it’s boring,

 there is so little that we know.

we simply ignore what we have,

 just because we have it everyday.

The value of which we realise,

when it is taken away.

And then comes a moment,

 your freedom, is locked.

uncertainty all around you,

 everything is blocked.

things you had every day,

 are now hard to get.

daily chores have changed,

more rules have been set.

you have absolutely no hint,

 what’s coming tomorrow.

you feel the urge to close your eyes,

 and back in time you want to go.

and tell your past self,

there is no need to complain.

the fact that things are so common,

is a boon and not a bane.

when life is normal, we keep hoping,

 things went a better way.

but we forget to be grateful and enjoy,

 because normal may not always stay.

But slowly you realise,

things are not that bad anymore.

A new normal is here now,

 knocking at your door.

It’s time to unlearn what we know,

 and change our mindset,

this new normal, learn again,

let’s press reset.


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My grandpa was recovering from a hip fracture. He had been on bedrest for about a month after a successful surgery. One evening my grandma was showing me the snaps of my Dad of when he was a toddler. While looking at the photo of my dad holding grandpa’s hand for walking, an excited shout grabbed my attention. I saw grandpa trying to walk with dad’s support and my Dad cheering him up. I looked at them and then at the photograph and thought of this Stoem.


Coming into this big world,

the moment he opens his eyes

Having no idea about anything,

ahead is a life full of surprise

Two faces smiling down at him,

Fills him with comfort

A sense of security that in these hands,

he can’t get hurt

As time goes by and he finally,

gets his legs to stand,

At every small disbalance,

he grips that sturdy hand

Along with the steps forward,

those hands always have his back,

If something goes wrong,

they put him on the right track

These hands knew when to hold him,

or let him go on his own

Though they were not beside,

he was never left truly alone

Through school, college, jobs,

and all his ups and downs

From all his smiles and success,

to all his fails and frowns

The hands hugged him,

when he felt the need to cry

Encouraged him to keep going,

and give everything a try

Then again spins the wheels of time,

those hands are sturdy no more

The steps they take fumble,

aren’t as strong as they were before

 “Hold my hand mom and dad…”,

his hands this time he extends 

The three figures walk along the path

A beautiful cycle comes to an end


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UN Sustainable Development Goal #2: Zero Hunger | by Miigle+ | Medium
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I was working on a school project on the Goals of the United Nations. One Goal which made me think was “ZERO HUNGER”. It talked about the plight of farmers. It also reminded me of the visit of my dad’s friend from the village. His kids wanted to see the city and also had a desire to have Pizza. We decided to dine at a famous pizza joint and were browsing through the menu. My uncle, who is also a farmer was staring continuously at the prices with saddened eyes.  Observing him I enquired what was wrong. With his gaze still on the menu he said that what we were paying for these pizzas is a month’s income of a farmer. Ironically, Farmer is the one who has grown all that makes this Pizza. His smile was failing in the attempt of hiding his dismay. I pondered on this for a while and decided to write about this in relation to “ZERO HUNGER”…..….

I saw something while sipping my tea,

When I was relaxing in the balcony

A wrinkled face walking with stride,

Somewhere I thought has lost his pride

With broad shoulders and strong hands

I think he is a farmer who tills his lands

He walked to the bakery for a loaf of bread

But stood still when he saw the price ahead

Hiding from everyone he counts his money

And then seems to wonder how unfair life could be

With a helpless shrug he steps back with a loud sigh

what he had grown, he himself can’t buy

The wrinkled face reminded me, of that old lady on the street

Selling vegetables for living, In freezing cold or scorching heat

And yet we all bargain with her, For the smallest of amount

But spending thousands at fancy malls, Where it doesn’t seem to count

This made me think of several news I heard,

Of these feeding hands whom we just ignored

Its time for us to Ponder, time to come together

And embrace these crusaders, fighting for zero hunger

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Stoem#3: Salty droplets that smiled

The worried voice of a mother grabbed my attention when I was playing in the garden. She was very concerned about a small cut on her son’s finger. When I looked towards the nearest bench I saw an old woman who was looking at all this and smiling. I thought that was rather rude of her. I couldn’t help myself and I went ahead and inquired why she was smiling. Her reply stunned me. 

She said “It would be hard for that mother to understand what must be the feelings of a mother like myself”. 

She told me with sudden change in her tone and a heavy voice that just the day before she had bid farewell to her son who was going to the border. Then, she just looked away saying nothing. I felt a little upset listening to this and I went home and discussed this with my dad.

He said “may be this is a good topic for a stoem….” The feelings of a mother bidding farewell to her son

Salty droplets floating at the rim of my eye

And with heavy breathing I give out a sigh,

Feelings, on the verge waiting to erupt,

 then I feel the urge to feel the touch.

Salty droplets floating on the rim of my eye,

Should I ask him to stay, or bid goodbye,

Salty droplets pleading to the cold windy breeze,

Make some miracle happen let time freeze.

I just want to spend some time with my dear one,

He may be a soldier but he’s also my son,

My son who slept in my arms till yesterday,

Those sleepless nights I have spent fearing this day.

The tiny one who needed me to tie his shoelace,

Is entering reality with enemies to face

Those games in the backyard with toy guns in palms,

has changed into warzone with live mines and bombs. 

I want him to not be brave and hide somewhere,

The thought of loosing him, is something I can’t bear.

He should just lie low and be always at the end,

There are many others of the country to defend.

But the patriot inside,

Will never agree,

with these feelings,

of the mother in me.

 Then I saw a tiny girl waving her hand,

Bidding farewell to her father marching with the band.

Someone’s son, brother, husband and father I can see,

Waving back at the salty droplets just like me.

With national anthem playing far away the countryside

Salty droplets started flowing, glowing with pride.

 -Pranjali Shah