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Stoem #1: of course I talk to myself…

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Sometimes people tell me I am a weirdo…but I love myself the way I am. While having one of my usual strolls in the garden and daydreaming (which I do a lot), I suddenly stopped and took a bow and waved at my fans and audience. I walked proudly to the lift with my chin up, reached home, to find my mom with the “I have some questions” look. “Some friends called me asking if you had gone mad. They saw you acting weirdly and talking to yourself in the garden…” she said.
That’s when this stoem was written….

I don’t know why,
People think it’s mad,
But talking to myself,
makes me glad.

Because when I talk,
That’s when I see,
There is another Pranjali,
Who wants to talk to me.

She scolds me,she loves me,
And tells me where I am wrong.
When days are bad and I am down,
She hums my favourite song.

On the cross roads,
Mind is when confused,
She tells me what’s right,
And helps me to choose.

Choices I make ,
Sometimes right or wrong,
She just shrugs her head ,
Tells me to get along.

She makes me look in the mirror,
Every now and then,
And then smiles to tell me,
How cute I am.

On thundery nights,
When mind is full of fear,
She cuddles me tight,
And becomes my teddy bear.

She is always with me,
No matter what I do.
Talking to yourself is great,
I think you should too.

This is too all daydreamers who talk to themselves sometimes in the shower, or in the car, or in front of the stove while cooking. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!!!

16 thoughts on “Stoem #1: of course I talk to myself…

  1. Dear Pranjali,

    Loved reading your thoughts ..
    So mature for a young girl of 13

    Loved ‘Talking to yourself ‘
    ‘Tying your shoe lace ‘ – moms somehow know everything 😉

    And the salty tears …

    Keep writing

    Will be waiting to read …❤️

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  2. I would like to see you try writing poetry without rhyme so your feelings and thoughts are not controlled by trying to find a rhyming word. I’d like to see where this leads you..Just write without stopping and if you edit, do it afterwards, not as part of your process of writing. Try this out… write for five minutes without stopping. Then ten minutes, then fifteen minutes. Do not stop to judge until you are finished. Do your editing then. Come back after a day and perhaps do more editing. See what happens.Sometimes you don’t really get to your deep voice until you have been writing for awhile and you’ll want to throw away the beginning of what you wrote. It is a process by which we communicate with a part of ourselves we might not otherwise get in touch with. Keep writing.

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    1. Hi ma’am…this is exactly what I do when I prepare the first draft of any of my stoems…the rhyming words are added later on when I edit again after a while…


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