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STOEM#9- The Times

On a lazy and boring pandemic afternoon, I smiled for a change when I opened my phone to one of those “this day that year” notification. A set of pictures of one of our family trip brought all those memories back. I asked dad, “Can we watch all these pictures?” on the laptop, and he … Continue reading STOEM#9- The Times


During the vacation of my 1st standard, we visited a resort named Rann Riders in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Our stay was in a wooden cottage with greenery all around. I woke up to find a beautiful butterfly fluttering across my room. I really enjoyed that moment and wanted to catch it … Continue reading STOEM#8- THE OPEN PALM


There are some days where nothing seems to go the way you want it to, isn’t it? I was having one such bad day. I lost an extremely easy table tennis match. Being in a bad mood, I ended up having a fight with my best friend. Back on the way from school, my uniform … Continue reading STOEM#7 HOPE


This poem is about the longest personal experience I could have had. Its about a whole year; 2020. This year brought so many things I was never expecting, and the fact that this wasn’t only being experienced by me but everyone around the world, makes it a shared experience. This year is soon about to … Continue reading STOEM #6 NORMAL TO NEW NORMAL


My grandpa was recovering from a hip fracture. He had been on bedrest for about a month after a successful surgery. One evening my grandma was showing me the snaps of my Dad of when he was a toddler. While looking at the photo of my dad holding grandpa’s hand for walking, an excited shout … Continue reading STOEM#5: HOLD MY HAND


I was on the verge of crying in between a table tennis match. I was not able to understand whether it was the fear of losing or losing in front of everyone that was making me tense. I had always portrayed myself as a strong and tough girl and thought that this image will be … Continue reading Stoem#2:SHOELACE

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