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Stoem#12- Behind Each Face is a Story….

Apart from the obvious positives and advantages of being a head girl, there are a few unsaid joys. And that is, even if not in talking terms, you get to know a lot of people. One of the first duties I was given as a Head Girl (which I recently became…wohoo!), was to stand each […]

STOEM#11 Happiness Doesn’t Cost Anyway:)

One evening I decided I should go for a walk, since the wind outside would be a relief from the heat. So, I grabbed my Bluetooth earphones and my phone and went downstairs. And just as I was entering the walking path, my earphone hit me with a “low battery” message. I was annoyed, thinking […]


We were watching a cricket match one Sunday evening. The toss was going on, both the Captains eagerly waiting for the result. Watching from home sitting on my sofa, I remember cheering loudly when the team I was supporting won the toss. Looking at me my father smiled and said, “think about it… the same […]

STOEM#9- The Times

On a lazy and boring pandemic afternoon, I smiled for a change when I opened my phone to one of those “this day that year” notification. A set of pictures of one of our family trip brought all those memories back. I asked dad, “Can we watch all these pictures?” on the laptop, and he […]


During the vacation of my 1st standard, we visited a resort named Rann Riders in the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. Our stay was in a wooden cottage with greenery all around. I woke up to find a beautiful butterfly fluttering across my room. I really enjoyed that moment and wanted to catch it […]


There are some days where nothing seems to go the way you want it to, isn’t it? I was having one such bad day. I lost an extremely easy table tennis match. Being in a bad mood, I ended up having a fight with my best friend. Back on the way from school, my uniform […]


This poem is about the longest personal experience I could have had. Its about a whole year; 2020. This year brought so many things I was never expecting, and the fact that this wasn’t only being experienced by me but everyone around the world, makes it a shared experience. This year is soon about to […]


My grandpa was recovering from a hip fracture. He had been on bedrest for about a month after a successful surgery. One evening my grandma was showing me the snaps of my Dad of when he was a toddler. While looking at the photo of my dad holding grandpa’s hand for walking, an excited shout […]


I was working on a school project on the Goals of the United Nations. One Goal which made me think was “ZERO HUNGER”. It talked about the plight of farmers. It also reminded me of the visit of my dad’s friend from the village. His kids wanted to see the city and also had a […]

Stoem#3: Salty droplets that smiled

The worried voice of a mother grabbed my attention when I was playing in the garden. She was very concerned about a small cut on her son’s finger. When I looked towards the nearest bench I saw an old woman who was looking at all this and smiling. I thought that was rather rude of […]


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