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This poem is about the longest personal experience I could have had. Its about a whole year; 2020. This year brought so many things I was never expecting, and the fact that this wasn’t only being experienced by me but everyone around the world, makes it a shared experience. This year is soon about to end and I have to say, it had its dark side and bright side. To me, this year taught me the value of the NORMAL.

When we have a certain way that life goes,

when we have a routine we follow,

While we may think it’s boring,

 there is so little that we know.

we simply ignore what we have,

 just because we have it everyday.

The value of which we realise,

when it is taken away.

And then comes a moment,

 your freedom, is locked.

uncertainty all around you,

 everything is blocked.

things you had every day,

 are now hard to get.

daily chores have changed,

more rules have been set.

you have absolutely no hint,

 what’s coming tomorrow.

you feel the urge to close your eyes,

 and back in time you want to go.

and tell your past self,

there is no need to complain.

the fact that things are so common,

is a boon and not a bane.

when life is normal, we keep hoping,

 things went a better way.

but we forget to be grateful and enjoy,

 because normal may not always stay.

But slowly you realise,

things are not that bad anymore.

A new normal is here now,

 knocking at your door.

It’s time to unlearn what we know,

 and change our mindset,

this new normal, learn again,

let’s press reset.


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