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My grandpa was recovering from a hip fracture. He had been on bedrest for about a month after a successful surgery. One evening my grandma was showing me the snaps of my Dad of when he was a toddler. While looking at the photo of my dad holding grandpa’s hand for walking, an excited shout grabbed my attention. I saw grandpa trying to walk with dad’s support and my Dad cheering him up. I looked at them and then at the photograph and thought of this Stoem.


Coming into this big world,

the moment he opens his eyes

Having no idea about anything,

ahead is a life full of surprise

Two faces smiling down at him,

Fills him with comfort

A sense of security that in these hands,

he can’t get hurt

As time goes by and he finally,

gets his legs to stand,

At every small disbalance,

he grips that sturdy hand

Along with the steps forward,

those hands always have his back,

If something goes wrong,

they put him on the right track

These hands knew when to hold him,

or let him go on his own

Though they were not beside,

he was never left truly alone

Through school, college, jobs,

and all his ups and downs

From all his smiles and success,

to all his fails and frowns

The hands hugged him,

when he felt the need to cry

Encouraged him to keep going,

and give everything a try

Then again spins the wheels of time,

those hands are sturdy no more

The steps they take fumble,

aren’t as strong as they were before

 “Hold my hand mom and dad…”,

his hands this time he extends 

The three figures walk along the path

A beautiful cycle comes to an end


8 thoughts on “STOEM#5: HOLD MY HAND

  1. Dear Pranjali,

    Your every blog touches my heart…and so did this one….every line was expressed so beautifully…keep writing and keep inspiring

    Liked by 1 person

  2. One of the most beautiful poems I have come across. Worthy of so much recognition and love. Well done Pranjali! Keep on inspiring people with your Stoems. Your words never fail to give impactful messages. Will definitely check in for the next one! Keep it up as you always do! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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