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Stoem#3: Salty droplets that smiled

The worried voice of a mother grabbed my attention when I was playing in the garden. She was very concerned about a small cut on her son’s finger. When I looked towards the nearest bench I saw an old woman who was looking at all this and smiling. I thought that was rather rude of her. I couldn’t help myself and I went ahead and inquired why she was smiling. Her reply stunned me. 

She said “It would be hard for that mother to understand what must be the feelings of a mother like myself”. 

She told me with sudden change in her tone and a heavy voice that just the day before she had bid farewell to her son who was going to the border. Then, she just looked away saying nothing. I felt a little upset listening to this and I went home and discussed this with my dad.

He said “may be this is a good topic for a stoem….” The feelings of a mother bidding farewell to her son

Salty droplets floating at the rim of my eye

And with heavy breathing I give out a sigh,

Feelings, on the verge waiting to erupt,

 then I feel the urge to feel the touch.

Salty droplets floating on the rim of my eye,

Should I ask him to stay, or bid goodbye,

Salty droplets pleading to the cold windy breeze,

Make some miracle happen let time freeze.

I just want to spend some time with my dear one,

He may be a soldier but he’s also my son,

My son who slept in my arms till yesterday,

Those sleepless nights I have spent fearing this day.

The tiny one who needed me to tie his shoelace,

Is entering reality with enemies to face

Those games in the backyard with toy guns in palms,

has changed into warzone with live mines and bombs. 

I want him to not be brave and hide somewhere,

The thought of loosing him, is something I can’t bear.

He should just lie low and be always at the end,

There are many others of the country to defend.

But the patriot inside,

Will never agree,

with these feelings,

of the mother in me.

 Then I saw a tiny girl waving her hand,

Bidding farewell to her father marching with the band.

Someone’s son, brother, husband and father I can see,

Waving back at the salty droplets just like me.

With national anthem playing far away the countryside

Salty droplets started flowing, glowing with pride.

 -Pranjali Shah

6 thoughts on “Stoem#3: Salty droplets that smiled

  1. Hi Prajali, it brings such a joy to me to read your ‘stoems’. I read all three of them here and they all are so clearly conveyed with such simplicity that you do feel connected to the stories. I loved the ‘I talk to myself’ rendition of yours which you gave in your mom’s zoom reunion. Your blog is in my bookmark awaiting eagerly for your next stoem. 🙂 God Bless.

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